Flash Fiction – Drowning dreams


Photo courtesy of Erin Leary


The car slows and stops. It’s as beautiful here as it looked on the photo. As beautiful as Chloe. Today is the day I’ll drive away thoughts of Romantic Rob, her ex. She’ll see there’s more to me than taking out the bins and hogging the TV remote.

My back is sore after the two-hour drive. I stretch. My blood’s fizzing with excitement. The picnic is hidden in the boot. The ring-box in my pocket.

We step out the car. The water is rancid. The buzzing of flies deafening. Chloe retches, my heart sinks and Rob’s ghost wins again.


I’m stepping away from the dark side this week! Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story based on a photo prompt. Hop over to host Rochelle’s blog to check out the other entries. 

Exciting news! Our very own Sandra Crook has taken first place in Flash 500 (I feel strangely proud – not that I had anything to do with it!) You can read her fabulous story here.


47 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Drowning dreams

  1. As everyone has said you have to feel for the guy, he’s on a hiding to nothing. Impossible to win but he keeps on trying. Sad.

  2. Oh, how disappointing! This is a great story, Louise – the hopeful build-up, the hint of a back story in ‘the ex’ and then the crash at the end. I feel so sorry for him.

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