Flash Fiction – Beached



Photo – Sandra Crook


‘Fat people disgust me!’ Jeanie hissed.

The words hit harder than any slap could but I still screamed as hands shoved my shoulder blades, hard. Tears mingled with the damp earth that filled my nostrils as I laid face down in the dirt. My school bag was kicked away and I covered my ears blocking out laughter.

I shake away images I haven’t thought about for years and smooth my skirt over my now size 10 hips. It’s my first night running Super Slimmers and I need to focus.

A new member waddles in, shoulders hunched, smock dress billowing. Jeanie?

Who’s laughing now?


Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. Read the other entries here.



58 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Beached

  1. Loved the story. Bullies should always get their comeuppance. I do hope your protagonist isn’t planning on revenge. They say it’s a dish best served cold, but who knows how many calories are in there?

  2. I hope she savours the moments to follow. Dining on “come-uppance” can be so tremendously satisfying. 🙂 (Two different spellings of Jeanie, Jeannie). Good job.

  3. Oh, so cruel the years can be… hahaha, loved this write! Love the irony. Now, if all the bullies got what they deserved…. ah, but that’s me talking without mercy. Bad me.

  4. I am quite relieved to see your last response here, because I didn’t share the view of the exalted ladies above.
    Well written, and very realistic, but I felt it was a bit vindictive.

  5. I think the MC is entitled to her moment of laugh at Jeannie’s Karma. It’s only natural and human to feel that. I’m sure she will help Jeannie though. Nice story.

  6. I think a bit of a chuckle is allowed as long as it doesn’t get too mean-spirited. Maybe the bully learns, and teaches her kids to do better. And I agree on the twisted view on weight and attractiveness, but can it be changed? Doubtful. Great story.

  7. I agree with some of the above comments regarding the story feeling a bit vindictive. I’d like to think the person bullied as a child won’t become a bully themselves. Harsh to hold a silly, immature child’s faults against them forever. Difficult subject.

    • Thanks for reading Paul. I think anyone who has ever been bullied can’t easily write it off as silly, childish behaviour. The emotions bullying instils are complex and often Long-lasting. The impact doesn’t always disappear when the bullied reach adulthood.

  8. I have mixed emotions about this piece as well but I love that it stimulated a conversation about fat shaming and bullying which are hard to combat if we don’t recognize them. And seriously who amongst us has not plotted revenge against a bully. Keep writing with an honest voice. I love that about you.

  9. I admit I was totally expecting Jeanie to be the one waddling in – and I was very happy it was! I think our protagonist has to feel a certain level of pleasure!

  10. Good story, Lore. Bullying is terrible. Kids are also afraid to tell. My son was bullied until he filled out in middle school and got muscles. Then the bullying stopped. This can and does happen. It must be really embarrassing on the previous bully as it should be. Good description. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne

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