Flash Fiction – In the dark, dark night



Did you really expect to live happily ever after? Were you naive enough to believe that the cloak of adulthood would offer protection against the shadows that lurk in darkened corners; against the demon that hides in your closet?

I feed from your fear. When you are wrenched from dreams and plunged into nightmares of unimaginable horrors, that’s me. I collect your tormented whimpers, your anguished screams.

How does it feel my dear to wake alone and still feel the chill of icy breath against your neck, hear whispered words that you can’t quite decipher? I watch from the blackness as you draw the covers to your chin and tremble in your bed, too afraid to get out in case something grabs your ankle sending you tumbling to the floor, where you’ll lie splayed and vulnerable.

You tell yourself as the sun rises, tingeing the sky salmon, that monsters aren’t real. Keep telling yourself that, my dear. I’ll see you again tonight.


I’d forgotten how much fun Streams of Consciousness Saturday is. This weeks prompt is expect, or unexpected. Write the first thing that comes to mind and post, no editing allowed. Thanks for reading, check out the other posts and join in!

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – In the dark, dark night

  1. I love ‘free writing’, where you just keep going and going – I’m making all the notes for my latest novel that way. Wonder how it’ll work out …

    And as for that synopsis, how can one page of writing be so difficult after you’ve managed 80,000+ words? Beats me. Every time.

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