A shrinking synopsis

Keep Calm and Eat Cake

I’ve loved every second of writing my novel. My sample three chapters are polished and sparkly, my query letter concise.

And then came the synopsis…

I devoured every piece of information I could find on the Internet, met fellow authors for coffee where I sat them under a bright white light and withheld their cake until they shared their tips. And if they were too slow forthcoming with advice and I ate their cake (shrugs) that’s their problem, interrogating is hungry work.

My first attempt made my characters sound certifiably insane. They were doing What??? Why??? I read it back and I didn’t understand the plot, a tad problematic considering I wrote it.

I bought Nicola Morgan’s ‘Write a Great Synopsis,’ Kindle book. It sounded so simple. I was sure my second attempt would be the one.

It was better, but still clunky and at 1½ pages, too long.

This morning I’ve read Nicola’s book again, slowly this time, and attempt three isn’t, well it isn’t terrible let’s put it that way. Watch this space.

16 thoughts on “A shrinking synopsis

  1. I took a long time to write my synopsis too. I had a wonderful editor help me but I am not sure if it’s ever ready! Have you got some publishers you are ready to send it too?

  2. Firstly – thanks for following me!
    And now, more importantly, I’ve just read through your posts about writing your novel and I empathize so much 🙂
    My first synopsis was two pages. Then I got it down to a page and a bit. But of course, agents want the darn thing double-spaced. It was painful to cut out so much I felt was crucial and just leave the barest bones. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely happy with what I have left, but I’m not changing it again!

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