Flash Fiction – Alone


I peep through the window and my own lonely face is reflected back at me. I’m so scared Emily won’t come home, but I shake the thought away, force myself to be positive.

My stomach growls, I’m hungry despite my anxiety, and I realise I haven’t eaten in twenty-four hours. I pace up and down, eyes locked on the front door.

The door handle shifts and Emily shuffles into the flat, arm in a sling. I coo loudly, tap my beak against the pane and flap my one good wing. She pushes up the sash and and I peck the breadcrumbs she sprinkles onto the ledge. 

Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 word story inspired by a prompt. Read the other entries here.

My inspiration this week came from the windows, not only who was on the inside looking out, but also the outside looking in. I liked the idea of a lonely elderly lady befriending an injured pigeon and feeding him. In my mind she falls and is taken into hospital and the pigeon doesn’t understand why his only friend has left him and can’t fly to look for her.


43 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Alone

  1. Dear Louise,

    Normally I’m not that crazy about stories from the POV of an animal, however you pulled it off with skill. Honestly I needed no explanation but it did confirm that I got it. Very nicely done.



  2. Don’t know why but I did envision the thoughts of an animal, for some reason. The explanation was interesting as background but not really necessary. I really enjoyed this.

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