Flash Fiction – Frozen in time



‘You’re a beautiful bride,’ William said.

Lily swished her train, the beading sparkled in the light. ‘You don’t think it’s too…..’.

‘You look stunning.’

‘I can hardly breathe.’ Lily ran a finger around the bodice, tried to ease it away from her ribs.

‘You look beautiful.’

‘I don’t, I’m……’

‘Not seeing what I see.’

William smiled. ‘Ready to renew our vows?’

Lily took his hand. Kissed the lined and baggy skin.

‘Are you sure I don’t look ridiculous? Too old?’

‘I don’t see you looking any different to the day you first wore it forty years ago.’ William said. ‘I just see you.’



Written for Friday Fictioneers, a 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt.

My inspiration this week came from the buildings in the photo. How some places we visit can appear frozen in time, untouched by modern living (not a McDonalds in sight)! I thought of a loving husband who never notices his wife’s lines, her grey hairs, she looks the same as she always has to him.


61 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Frozen in time

  1. Ahhh … like a page out of my life story. I just celebrated my 50th anniversary. My dress np longer exists but the words spoken in your story were the same ones my hubby said to me.
    Sweet forever love !!! I enjoyed your story very much. 😍

  2. Very sweet, but seasoned with a little touch of impending doom as well… I only just renewed a CPR cert so I have heart-attack on the brain. I hope her breathing trouble is only due to the snug gown. I think it’s part of the greater plan that looks and eyesight fail at about the same time.

  3. One of my regrets in life is that my wedding dress got lost by my sister who toted it to a cleaners then never picked it back up right after my wedding. I’ll always wonder if I could have worn it for a special anniversary–although since I got married late in life, I’m unlikely to hit 50 years of marriage.

    Good reflection on the passage of time.


      • And . . . those got lost too . . . I guess some memories are best left in our hearts, but I do wish I had at least the photos of our day. I have 2 grainy ones of myself and my bride. One is of our Daddy/daughter dance. My dad and I are in the foreground and my wife and her dad are dancing in the background. Even though it is a little fuzzy, I will treasure it forever. My father-in-law died suddenly two years later, and we have little to remember him by.

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