Flash Fiction – Off the beaten track



I stumble, splay out my hands to break my fall landing hard on the dry earth. Pain rockets through my shoulders and neck. I rest back on my heels, brush dust from my palm, examine the wound. Dripping blood turns the dusty ground crimson.

I sit for what seems an interminable time in the scorching sun. Every muscle in my body stings, sweat trickles down my shoulder blades. I shake my empty water bottle. I cannot carry on.

But then I think of him. Rise, press myself forward.

I lurch over the finishing line clutching my sponsor form.

I did it. For him. For them all.


Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 word story inspired by a prompt. Read the other entires here.

My inspiration this week came from the word TRAK – I thought of the phrase ‘off the beaten track,’ and initially thought of someone being lost in the desert. I then thought what if someone was completing a run for charity but had those same feelings, insufferable heat, exhaustion etc. could they carry on?


29 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Off the beaten track

  1. Louise, I have done a race in the blazing heat!! Not fun. This was dramatic and it should be. I can feel the heat. You know, they happen to do a race in Death Valley. Can you imagine? I don’t think if’s for charity, however. P.S. You’re missing “an” in front of interminable. I hope you don’t mind me telling you. 🙂 I always want to know.

  2. Dear Louise,

    I’ve run a few of those races and know exactly how your protagonist feels. Kudos on taking me one direction only to cross the finish line in quite another. Stellar use of the prompt. 😉



Constructive criticism appreciated

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