Flash Fiction – Feeling Blue


Count your blessings

Count? My mind is hazy. I cannot concentrate on the simplest of tasks.

Snap out of it

Snap? I have slept for twelve hours but still don’t have the energy to move.

A good meal will cheer you up

I told you I cannot eat. My throat is constricted, my stomach a mass of swirling emotions.

Turn that frown upside down 

I try. I really do, but my face feels like a grotesque mask.

If you can’t be bothered to help yourself

I am screaming for help, can’t you hear me? But the room is silent and you turn away.


Written for Friday Fictioneers. The first thing I noticed about this photo was the blueness of the sky. As it is Mental Health Awareness Week here in the UK, and as I teach Mindfulness to those with Mental Health conditions I thought I would try to raise awareness. Depression is more than feeling blue.




A 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. Read the other entries here. 


35 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Feeling Blue

  1. It must be so frustrating and annoying when you’re feeling like that and people just tell you to quit moaning and get on with it.
    From reading various posts around the place it reminds me of how someone with fibromyalgia might be feeling.
    Very good post and I like the way you laid it out.

  2. Great story with a powerful message. Too many people don’t understand that depression is an illness as much as any other and cannot just be shrugged off.

  3. This is so true, all this good intentioned advice. Do people give that advice to people with cancer or another life-threatening disease? They don’t. Yet, depression is just as live-threatening. It’s a disease, not a mood, not a choice. Great post.

  4. Very good. They’re just not connecting with each other. Well-intentioned advice often comes from those who don’t know how to just listen. Well told.

  5. Dear Louise,

    Having had my own battle with depression and anorexia, I could relate to your story. The emotions, the feelings of being trapped and isolated…you captured them in few words. Well done!



Constructive criticism appreciated

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