Flash Fiction – Courage



At first it was just an idea, a what if, that grew into a maybe.

Practicalities, probabilities, plausibilities, momentarily dampened the spark but the possibilities, oh how they churned and burned inside of her, lighting up her eyes and illuminating her smile until she was glowing with positivity.

Hope sparkled brightly and woke her from her dreams. Moonlight pooled at the foot of her bed as she stared out into the blue black night, furling and unfurling her fists.

‘Could I? Should I?’

She felt her heart pounding against her ribs and placed her hands over it.

‘Yes,’ she decided, ‘I can.’


A lighter entry this week, especially for my sister, Karen.

Written for Friday Fictioneers – A 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. Read the other entries here

52 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Courage

  1. A wonderful take on the prompt, and quite motivational. The use of a fire as a metaphor as to what is happening inside her is great.

  2. Dear Louise,

    if this doesn’t light a fire under those of us on the edge of a dream, I don’t know what will. I felt my own heart pounding. Well written as always.



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