Flash Fiction – This is where I live


This is where I live. This is where I belong, here, with you.

This is where I watch you study your reflection, listen as you call yourself fat. Yes, I say, you look repulsive. I love it when you cry.

This is where I stamp on your ideas, tell you that you can’t, that you will fail. You don’t often try anything anymore. You believe me when I tell you it’s safer that way. After all, I have your best interests at heart, don’t I?

This is where I live, inside your head, watching, criticising. I am your inner voice, evict me if you dare.

Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. Read the other entries here


78 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – This is where I live

  1. At times, that little voice can be our own worst enemy!
    Wonderfully written and a great take on the prompt.

  2. I finished reading this and said to myself, “Ohhh.” At first I thought it was a nasty significant other saying these evil things… then…. And how many people do this to themselves every day? So well done.

  3. I was assuming psychological abuse from a partner, but your final sentence turned that nicely. It’s so sad that so many of us have a similar inner voice to this. Why can’t it say something nice once in a while?
    Very well done!

  4. Very well written, and deeply insightful. We all have that damn voice living with us. We may not have the strength to evict it, but perhaps we can move out ourselves, even if we have to slink away unnoticed in the middle of the night. Oh, right, that’s when Ms. Inner Voice is most active….

  5. I know that voice, too, and I also know where it comes from. Trying to strangle it, but it never stays dead for long… this is a great study of the inner workings of too many of us who have been criticised for certain things for so long that we finally believe it to be true.

  6. I thought it was a family member or partner at first too doing all the criticizing. Great twist at the end and a powerful last sentence – ‘evict me if you dare.”

  7. This one is a hard one to like! We have to learn to shut out that negative inner voice! Push it through that door and let it fall!

  8. A tragic story. Nicely paced – the ending is a real surprise. Emotionally very powerful, and true to life. We have to recognise that inner voice and keep it under control.

  9. The inner voice can be so cruel, especially when it gives its host no peace. Destructive or negative messages like this can be soul destroying. So well written, Louise.

Constructive criticism appreciated

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