Flash Fiction – The Pianist



‘Is there someone else?’

You study your hands, twisting the thin gold band on your ring finger round and round.


You wipe your palms on your lap and shake your head.

You’re lying.

Last night I had crouched in the dirt like an animal peering through his window. I watched as he unzipped your dress, sliding it from your shoulders.

‘I’m sorry,’ you say and you stand, smoothing down your skirt as you turn to walk away.

Do you really think I will let you go that easily my love?

I loop piano wire around your pale neck.

Till death do us part.


Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. Read the other entries here


60 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – The Pianist

  1. I really like the last line, it shows the finality without being over dramatic and I fill like somehow it fits the personality of the husband and the way he had been talking so far.

  2. Nice descriptive details – the hands, the ring, the skirt – you really show her nervousness and guilt, and then the sudden finish packs such a big punch after all the buildup of tension.

  3. I agree with Dawn; the dialogue interplay of her spoken words with his inner thoughts is brilliant. The sudden, violent ending is very well done. Too bad the guy took his vows quite literally!

Constructive criticism appreciated

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