Flash Fiction – I have the most









‘I bet I’ve had the most Christmas presents,’ James thrust his hand high in the air, his back rod straight.

‘It’s not a competition, James,’ Mrs Hamilton said.

‘But I got a new ipad air, an iphone 6, an xbox one and a new laptop. I bet Ben didn’t get anything.’

‘I got a pack of cards and my mum made me a jumper.’

His classmates sniggered and the blood pulsed in Ben’s ears. He was glad when the bell rang.


Ben trudged home, melting snow seeping through the hole in his hand-me-down trainers. A snow-ball thudded against his too small coat.

‘Loser,’ shouted James from the window of a brand new Mercedes.

James unlocked the front door and trailed melting ice down the marble hallway. The cleaner would mop it up. There was a note on the granite worktop, next to the rarely used Aga.

Dad is needed in the New York office, I have gone with him. There is money on the side for takeaways. See you Saturday. Mum.

James stuffed the wad of notes into his pocket. A hard ball formed in his stomach. He wasn’t hungry.

Ben climbed the stairs to the twelfth floor. The graffitied lift was broken again. His Mum rushed to help him take his wet things off. He pulled on his new Christmas jumper and thawed his pink fingers in front of the gas fire. ‘I’ll make some hot chocolate to warm you up and I made a lemon cake today.’

Ben licked tangy icing from his lips and told his Mum about his day. They cooked spaghetti together and stood shoulder to shoulder at the sink. His mum washed the mismatched crockery and Ben dried.


They sat cross legged on the threadbare carpet. Ben beat his Mum, two games to one.


The canteen was noisy but James’s voice was clear and loud. ‘I had an awesome night. I played xbox live until midnight. I feel sorry for you Ben, you have nothing.’

Ben unwrapped a piece of lemon cake, wrapped in greaseproof paper. His mother had written on the inside, Rematch tonight? Love you xxx

I have the most, he thought.




Written for Streams of Consciousness Saturday. Write the first thing that comes to mind following a prompt. No editing. This weeks prompt was most/least.

22 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – I have the most

  1. Sends a message for sure! I think rich or poor or something in between good parents are the best thing a kid can have.

  2. Like Ben, I grew up with not much in the way of material possessions, but had a wonderful, loving family. I have so many beautiful memories, and those are priceless. Thanks for the reminder of how lucky I was…and am.

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