Flash Fiction – The Eerie Earl



The sun sets. It is almost time.

I straighten my tie, practice my happy smile, my worried frown and my stock answers to how it really feels to live in a haunted mansion.

I crunch down the driveway and greet this evenings group of ghost hunters. Hands are shook, selfies snapped and fears allayed.

It begins. Footsteps in empty rooms, a chill in the air, doors slam shut and lights flicker. We huddle together until dawn. It’s over.

I wave goodbye, count the cash and reset the props for the next group. I should be able to afford a new roof soon.

It isn’t easy being an Earl.



Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by a prompt. Read the other entries here

63 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – The Eerie Earl

  1. Entertaining tale with a clever ending. I think you need the past participle ‘shaken’ rather than ‘shook’ though. Sounds better to me. Nice one though and perfect for the prompt.

  2. The things we do to keep the home fires burning in the family castle! Although it doesn’t interest me, there are ghost-related things everywhere. When we visited Gettysburg some years ago, lots of ghost walks were offered. Good job.


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