A joke for writers



I have something to make my fellow writers smile.

It’s so funny that every time I think about it, mild hysteria takes over. I laugh so much my stomach muscles are sore and my cheeks wet.

Are you ready?

Last month I thought, whispers, editing a manuscript after a first draft would be a quick process.

I told you it was good.

If I can’t get published, maybe I’ll try standup.

13 thoughts on “A joke for writers

  1. Don’t write to get published because it won’t be true, but if you believe in your writing, you may want to get a professional reader to give their assessment, as long as you get someone good.

  2. Most of the time, all those edits–plural here–take me more time than writing the first draft. And it seems as if no matter how many changes (from plot to specific word choice) I make, I always see something I think I can improve upon. It never ends… lol

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