Captivating Chapters



I was so excited to sit down and write today. I was halfway through Chapter 20 and I couldn’t wait to get to Chapter 21. It was going to be a great one, emotionally harrowing with a twist that even I hadn’t seen coming and I’m writing it.

Impatience got the better of me, I wanted to write Chapter 21 and I wanted to write it now. Abandoning Chapter 20 I started on my new idea. About five minutes in I stopped.

‘What was wrong with Chapter 20?’ I thought. ‘How had I been able to put it down so easily?’

I reread it and it was a bit, well, boring. And if I felt bored writing it, how could I realistically expect anyone to enjoy reading it? I may be a novice writer but even I could tell that something was wrong. I wanted to feel the same passion for all my chapters, to not treat any of them as something to ‘get through’ to get to the next one.

Chapter 20 I realised was a bridge to get to Chapter 21 and it wasn’t constructed out of the most stimulating material. Taking a lesson from the three little pigs I huffed, and I puffed until it blew down and I started building it again. It is now a chapter to be proud of and I have learned that if I am not loving the writing it’s more than likely the content and something I can fix.

Chapter 22 though, that’s another story……..


10 thoughts on “Captivating Chapters

  1. I love the cat photo, so cutie! You are right, if the chapter is not good enough for the writer it will not be good for the reader. Somethings we need to get perfect first and them go ahead. Good job!

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