Smitten Kitten

I have had a break from writing for ten days while I have been on holiday. I have really missed my novel and my characters and had diarised today to get back to them.

I hadn’t envisaged on what a distraction this little fella would be though. Eight week Salami joined our household on Tuesday and doesn’t yet seem to understand ‘Let me write 1000 words and then I will play with you.’





Maybe I’ll write tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Smitten Kitten

  1. You have a lovely cat, although the one that dropped by our garden today scared away my beloved birds 🙂 But they’ll be back. Probably the cat, too.

  2. I would not be getting any writing done either. Kitty’s provide a great distraction from doing all things. My cat is seven years old, and still as playful as a kitten. She doesn’t like to let me sit down and write/read. She’ll lay on whatever instrument I’m using at the time.

  3. I understand your distraction. My nineteen year old son has just left for university and the first thing I did was go out and get a kitten! Alan (a girl) is now about 10 weeks old, and great fun, but I am no longer achieving my daily word count!

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