Flash Fiction – Your Choice Entirely



‘If I pay you five thousand these photos will never see the light of day?’


‘And if I don’t?’ The fingers that had caressed every inch of my body drummed on the table.

‘Your choice entirely, but I’m sure your wife would love to see what her darling husband gets up to when he’s supposed to be working late.’

‘This is what you do for a living?’

I nodded.

‘This is what I do.’ He flashed me his badge. ‘So do I arrest you for blackmail or take a share of your future profits? Your choice entirely.’



Written for Friday Fictioneers – a 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. Check out the other entries here


42 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Your Choice Entirely

  1. A good story Louise. I agree, word count can be a bitch at times can’t it? Too bad though, ‘cos I was wanting her to turn out to be from the Police Integrity Unit 🙂

  2. When I see anyone pull of the 100-word prompts flawlessly, I have to applaud them. I’m excessively wordy at the best of time, so it’s always made me sit in awe over those who can make a story in a few short words.

    Well done!

  3. Vivid writing, spare, then … double flip! As the sports announcers say when a hockey team scores, “Biscuit in the basket! Top shelf where grandma keeps the cookies!”

    Nicely executed, Louise!

  4. What a nice policeman, just the sort you want to come across when you’re in trouble. I don’t imagine it’ll take her long to decide how to answer his question, but I do wonder how long their professional relationship will last 🙂 Well written – leaving lots for the reader to think about.

Constructive criticism appreciated

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