Flash Fiction – Colourless



You sucked the colour from me. Life, once so vibrant and bright, became grey and dull. You wrung out every drop of joy until I was hollow. I retreated inside of myself, disinterested in the world around me.

But you didn’t count on me being able to fight back did you?

I don’t want you. I don’t need you. I didn’t ask for you.

And now you’re gone.

I dance out of the doctor’s office. ‘I’m in remission!’

I catch the hands of a nurse and twirl her around. Her aquamarine uniform and magenta lipstick dazzle me.

Colour has returned.


I have been on holiday so wasn’t going to participate this week, but peeped at the photo this morning and couldn’t resist.  

Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. Check out the other entries here. 


31 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Colourless

  1. Well, that went in a totally different direction to what I was expecting! Wonderful job Louise. I could see the colour of the nurses uniform and lipstick. Suddenly, they were just there 😀

  2. Dear Louise,

    Better late than never. This was well worth the wait. Beautiful. I have a friend who’s beating cancer and I thought how this scene will soon be hers. Love it.



  3. The colour of the nurse is such a great contrast to the grey of the cancer. And wonderful change of mood and feeling with that dance out of the doctor’s office. Just a tiny niggle (but good really because it gives you an extra word to play with) you don’t need to of in ‘I retreated inside of myself’.

  4. I can really identify with this. At one of my scariest life moments, everything seemed to be awash in white. And it wasn’t a comforting white; it was sterile and cold. Lovely, realistic story–bravo, Louise!

  5. Dear Louise, WONDERFUL STORY with a happy ending! Just awesome and that’s exactly what I would do too – also the part about the color returning is priceless – well written! Nan 🙂

Constructive criticism appreciated

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