Flash Fiction – Invasion


The upturned face of my son shines red, yellow, blue, as the descending craft illuminates the night sky.

‘Is it aliens, Mum?’

I pull him down behind a bush and squeeze his hand.

‘We’ll be ok.’ My voice is small. My pulse fast and hot.

The UFO lands in the the middle of the park where hours earlier I had watched my daughter play. The door opens.

The lights go out and my son’s face is restored to its natural green colour. I wrap my four arms around him and we wait.

A figure steps out.

‘That’s gross Mum, he’s only got two legs.’

Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story, inspired by a photo prompt. Check out the other entries here


36 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Invasion

  1. Very nice twist to the plot, Louise. LOL I think your mother instinct shines through. The humans don’t stand a chance if they dare touch her boy 😉

Constructive criticism appreciated

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