Who’s laughing now?



You called me Miss Piggy, just for ‘fun,’

You would steal my school bag to make me run,

You would grab my stomach, making it jiggle,

‘Stop crying fatty, it’s just a giggle.’


I binged and I starved in a bid to grow thinner,

Ignored growling hunger, refused to eat dinner,

I was admitted to hospital, fed by a drip,

Self image distorted, I was losing my grip.


My recovery was slow, my confidence gone,

But if you thought you could break me, well you were wrong,

My body grew stronger, my courage was steel,

You don’t get to choose how I feel.


I was spotted by an agent, ‘I think you’re so cute,’

Was trembling with fear at my first photo shoot,

Now I have staff, no-one calls me fat cow,

£20,000 a picture – who’s laughing now?


Written for Streams of Consciousness Saturday. Write the first thing that comes into your head following a prompt, and post without editing. This weeks prompt was ‘funny.’

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