Flash fiction – Made with love



I stand my cards, full of best wishes and promises to telephone, on the windowsill. It doesn’t seem five minutes since my children piled into my bed showering me with handmade presents and sticky kisses. I would cut homemade chocolate cake piled high with marshmallows, sprinkles and love, as they sang an out of tune rendition of Happy Birthday. But squeaky high-pitched voices deepened and grew and now I am alone.

The doorbell rings and I shuffle to the door.


The candles flicker on the the wonky cake held before me. ‘We made it for you Grandma.’  The singing starts, old and young voices merge. The sound of a family.


Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. Check out the other stories here


48 thoughts on “Flash fiction – Made with love

  1. How wonderfully heart warming! We’re big on birthdays in my family, and my sister has found a passion for baking so there is always a homemade cake these days. My gran, who used to show jump in her youth, got one with a fantastically professional horse motif, entitled the old grey mare.

  2. Aww, that was so lovely. Kids and birthday surprises are wonderful – even better as they grow older and can give you breakfast in bed 🙂 I can remember my first birthday party. I was five and my Mum made me a Maypole cake with five little dolls holding the Maypole ribbons. Each little girl at the party went home with a doll and a handmade dress for the doll. I keep every card my kids and grandkids give me, and I still have the birthday card my aunty gave me when I turned one.

  3. Very nice. At first I thought the story ended with the first paragraph – a very different feeling indeed! But the ending was so encouraging and uplifting, I’m glad I didn’t miss it.

  4. Family is so important as you deftly showed, Louise. I used to decorate the girls’ birthday cakes and they and their friends thought the cakes marvelous. If not the best artistically, they were decorated with love. A lovely feel-good story, filled with truth.


  5. Dear Louise,

    I love where you went with the prompt. There’s a Hebrew song called L’dor va Dor…From Generation to Generation. You’ve captured that beautiful sentiment. The sound of a family. Enchanting story.



  6. Dear Louise, Very touching story, and the older I get – the more melancholy that finds it’s way into my heart. Family is so important and grandchildren are so very much a wonderful part of life! Well done!
    Nan 🙂

  7. A skilful playing on the emotions there, from hints of loneliness and neglect to a heart-warming scene of more “sticky kisses” – how sweet, literally 😉

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