SoCS – If I could start over


I am climbing up the stairs, the creaking is my knees,
I can’t quite hear you, can you speak up please,
I really can’t read this, the print it is far too small,
I feel like I am shrinking, I no longer feel so tall.

My once firm body now hangs soft and saggy,
My skin is far too big, leathery and baggy,
I have lost my independence, I can’t nip to the shop,
The world is quickly changing, I wish that it would stop.

My mind it still remembers, the joy that I once had,
Of climbing trees, and swimming seas, when I was just a lad,
Falling in love with a beautiful girl and making her my wife,
Buying our first home together and building a new life,

Having our three babies, and watching as they grew,
Holidays and Christmases and picnics at the zoo,
My memory is full of happy times and love fills up my heart,
I wouldn’t change a single thing if I could go back to the start.

A quick bit of fun for this weeks Stream of Consciousness – I am far from a poet! Prompt – age.

22 thoughts on “SoCS – If I could start over

  1. I had to laugh, one of my problems reading on WordPress is I am constantly have to enlarge the text size to see it…and then I can’t scroll low enough to read entire comments. It is a conspiracy against elder eyesight, I tell you.

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