It’s my wedding anniversary!


A year ago today I was lucky enough to marry my best friend. Those that read My Gretna Green Wedding blog know that we chose to elope and had an amazing week, with the minimum of planning.

When we came home and announced our news we were met with equal amounts of congratulations and advice. I was told numerous times that ‘they,’ (and I never quite worked out who ‘they’ were) say the first year of marriage is the hardest.  I was expecting therefore a bit of a roller coaster, a period of adjustment while we settled into our brand new roles. What I found instead was an anchor to the solidity of Tim’s unwavering love, a calmness that arose out of the security of being loved completely. Unconditionally. The first year has been amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next.





10 thoughts on “It’s my wedding anniversary!

  1. Congratulations on year one. In my experience also the first year isn’t that difficult. As one rounds the two year mark it gets a bit rough, as you start getting used to each other, and start taking stuff for granted, and so on. But if you keep loving unconditionally, keep choosing to put the other one first and keep talking about anything and everything you’ll make it through that one, and all subsequent rough patches.

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