Off on a writing retreat



I will be getting up at some ridiculous time in the morning tomorrow and heading for beautiful Yorkshire where I will be lucky enough to spend five days on a tutored novel writing retreat at Wentworth Castle

I am really grateful for this amazing opportunity and so excited about the thought of staying in a castle. I am secretly hoping every attendee is issued with a tiara and I can spend the week masquerading as a princess. Now where did I put my ball gown?



13 thoughts on “Off on a writing retreat

  1. I am so thoroughly jealous of you right now, there are no words. Or, at least, no words I can publish online. You had better have so much fun it makes you sick, write more than you thought humanly possible and post pictures of yourself in the tiara. Gown is up to you. You can wear a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops and, if you have a tiara, you are still the best dressed one in the room.

  2. Hope it’s a productive week, Louise. I love Yorkshire and I love castles, I reckon you’re going to be inspired. Looking forward to hearing all about it x

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