SoCS – Double your money

I received an email this morning via Linkedin from a ‘Wealth Manager’ who promised he can double my money. Apparently he has created some of the richest families in the UK. Indeed he can practically make me a millionaire by tea time and can meet with me straight away if I agree.

I have to admit I am tempted. I currently have £2.47 in my bank account. If he could magically transform that into £4.94 this afternoon that could buy my obligatory Saturday evening bottle of Merlot. Now where’s his number ……………….

Written for Streams of Consciousness Saturday. Prompt double.


15 thoughts on “SoCS – Double your money

  1. There are a few people in the world who know how to make money; they usually want to keep the knowledge to themselves. Beware! he’ll have your £2.47 and transform it to zero (I suspect). Like Doobster418 I used to get regular letters from various Nigerian sources promising ££££££ or $$$$$$.

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