To Tweet or not to Tweet (can you answer the question)?


‘You should be on twitter, Mum, connect with other writers,’ said my son, nodding wisely.

‘I don’t have enough time as it is. I don’t think so.’

‘But it will only take 5 minutes, I’ll help you.’

‘Umm, ok.’ I agreed, glad of a chance to spend some time with my 16 year old technical whizz and learnt three things,


1) I only understand, on average, every fifth word my son says nowadays. I thought tweets were something birds did, and hashtags sound like they should be smoked.

2) I have reached an age where I am easily confused. I regret laughing at my Mum all those years ago trying to get to grips with setting the video to record. Technology is overwhelming.

3) Nothing takes 5 minutes.


It took 45 minutes to find a name. Seriously. Every and all variations of my first, second, maiden and married name needed to include a string of digits I would never remember. Fabricating Fiction was too many characters. Fabfiction was taken (although not being used – grrr). I eventually settled on @fab_fiction, even though I suspect it sounds a teensy bit pretentious.

So now what? Actually I’m not sure. Bored with the amount of time it took me to choose a name my son has wandered off leaving me alone with an empty feed and no idea how to find people to follow.

I think I’ll grab a can of Guiness out the fridge. Now that’s my kind of widget.


Is it worth it. Any advice gratefully received.


15 thoughts on “To Tweet or not to Tweet (can you answer the question)?

  1. I also feel the tech frustration. I thought I was keeping up: I’m a high school teacher and have very helpful students (5 very savy children of my own) and attend a lot of seminars on the topic, but things change by the second! I gave my mom a hard time, my son gives me a hard time, and I remind him often that his children will do the same. Let me know how the bird thing goes 😉 I’m too scared to venture out of the nest.

  2. I used to have a twitter account, but gave it up. I just couldn’t be bothered. It can be a good tool for writers wanting to advise about the progress of their MS. In about thirty seconds, you can say, “Another 10,00 words added to MS.” It can make your followers very excited.

  3. I’ve got a Twitter account and keep thinking I ought to tweet something one day 🙂
    I’ve linked it to my WordPress so my posts gets posted on there but that’s about it. I have a hard enough time keeping up with reading people’s blog posts without reading all the Twitter thingies as well!

  4. “hashtags sound like they should be smoked”
    Brilliant! Do yourself a favour and search “Jimmy Fallon hashtag” on Youtube.

    Don’t worry about finding people to follow. Connect your blog to Twitter via Publicize and they’ll start coming to you. Be aware, though, that ninety percent of them will unfollow you again if you don’t follow them back within two hours (I’m exaggerating, slightly, on the time).

    I also couldn’t get my first choice of name. On both WordPress and Twitter Kokkie was already taken AND not being used. So I added the H. Now I like it. Makes me unique. Fab_fiction sounds fab 😀

    • Wow it’s pretty cut throat then! Just watched YouTube – thanks. There is probably someone, somewhere who does speak like that! It’s frustrating when names aren’t being used. My name was taken on WordPress too but not being used. I don’t think they recirculate them when people don’t want them either.

      • They don’t. On Twitter I think a username is released back into the wild if the owner changes to something else, but on WordPress it never is. I kinda understand it – I don’t want someone else to run around saying stuff under a name that has become associated with me. But on the other hand, why register the name if you don’t plan on using it?

  5. I appreciated your visit and comment on my blog, so thought I’d pop over here and check out yours.

    Your thoughts about Twitter made me smile because my daughters did a similar thing a few years ago, suggesting it was the only way to keep track of what the rest of our clan was doing and saying. One daughter visited here for a few days after a writers’ conference we had both attended, and during her stay she offered assistance and advice while I set up my Twitter account.

    Despite being a senior, I’ve been comfortable with computers and social media for a long time. When I began writing I soon learned the benefits of online networking, but I also quickly discovered how time-consuming and addictive it can be. You’ll hear that writers need to “do it all” and build a following, but in truth you need to choose just what you do best and most time-efficiently, and leave the rest until you actually have a book to market. If you’re hoping for publication, writing has to be the first priority. Best of luck to you on your fiction-fabricating journey! 🙂

    • Hi Carol,

      I think it is the time consuming bit that puts me off rather than the technology as such. I am prone to procrastination as it is. I spend way too much time reading blogs on here for instance but they are all so interesting! Thanks for stopping by and the wise words.

  6. You have to give it a go! My problem is: I was never very good at saying something in just a few words. If something’s worth saying, it’s worth writing about (I think!)

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