SoCS – Getting away


I logged on to my reader this morning to catch up on some lovely blogs I follow and couldn’t help smiling when I saw the prompt for yesterday’s SoCS was ‘getting away.’ I wasn’t going to participate myself this week as I am actually away for a few days myself but now can’t resist a quick post.

I am staying with relatives in Wales for a much needed break, life has been super hectic lately. This photo is the beautiful view from my bedroom window, it’s a pleasure waking up to the gentle sound of the bleating lambs who live on the lush green rolling hills.

I have been reluctantly living in a town for the past few years but am a country girl at heart. As I drive into the gateway here amongst horses, dogs and cats, my muscles visibly relax.

I guess we all have a place where we can totally unwind and this is mine. Where’s yours?

Written for a Stream of Consciousness Saturday, prompt – Getting away


7 thoughts on “SoCS – Getting away

  1. Absolutely glorious view! If there’s one place I would love to go in the world, it would be Wales. There is just something about it that draws me. LOL and here I am on the other side of the world 🙂

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