Friday Fictioneers – The Storm




Sunshine always follows storms’ they say. ‘Light follows darkness.’

A myriad of platitudes that cannot begin to fill the emptiness inside of me.

How can I have faith when invisible hands have grasped and clutched at my dreams, ripping them apart before smashing them into a million unfixable pieces?

Despair flows through my veins, pooling in places where love once sat. My hope now as blackened as the chasm in my soul.

You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain.’

I cradle my heavy head with my hands and weep rivers for all I have lost.


Written for Friday Fictioneers – 100 words inspired by a photo prompt.

62 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – The Storm

  1. I liked the poetic approach…
    I hope that all will be well soon…
    I also realise that my take on the prompt is opposite to yours!
    Interesting to know how the same prompt brings so many different views 🙂

  2. Great take on the prompt, my friend, you’ve caught the feeling beautifully. Those clouds really do give a sense of doom and gloom.

  3. You have a lovely poetic style that expresses even the darkest despair beautifully.
    Sometimes we hurt so much that we just need to curl up somewhere because fighting it takes too much energy, and all those platitudes become very annoying – they’re more suited to the healing phase!
    Well captured 🙂

  4. i imagine hearing empty platitudes when it’s the last thing that i need would make me want to scream. very strong story. i really felt the hopelessness of the narrator.

  5. you take the reader right into the center of despair . . . it’s hard at times to think there could be a rainbow past a terrible storm . . . the destruction, the emptiness – solidly written.

Constructive criticism appreciated

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