Sunday Photo Fiction – The Bell


‘So, to recap we provide the transport and a map marked with a specific target location. You will be responsible for creating your own route within this area. You can stop as many times as you wish.’

‘And that’s when I ring the bell?

‘Yes, you ring the bell and people will come to you’.

‘It sounds simple enough. The money isn’t great though.’

‘Don’t forget the bonuses. It’s set to be a scorching summer, you should do well.’

‘When can I start?’

‘Ah, the last gentleman had to leave quite suddenly, so right now if you wish.’

‘I can’t believe my luck finding steady, long term work. My wife and kids will be thrilled.’

‘Why don’t you make the first stop your street so they can see you in action as it were. I will just familiarise you with the transport and equipment and you can be on your way.’

I slowly pull into my street, stopping outside my house. My family will be so proud of me, we will eat well tonight. I reach for the bell, ringing it as loud as I can.

‘Bring out your dead.’

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. A 200 word story inspired by a photo prompt.

This story is based on the Great Plague that swept through London in the summer of 1665.


21 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – The Bell

  1. Second story I have read and the second with a fantastic twist. I love it 😀 Although it does bring one phrase to mind: “But I’m not dead”

  2. Great story with a fantastic twist! I went back and read it again once I knew what the new job was.

    I can’t help wondering if the “last gentleman” who had to “leave quite suddenly” will be his first “client” 🙂

  3. Wow an amazing twist at the have to feel sorry for the poor blighter..simply no clue.Marvelous story! BTW I adore Monty-python..

  4. My first thought was espionage…blow up the bell tower. Who’d have thunk it would be what you actually wrote 🙂 LOL let’s hope they get better soon.

  5. Correct me if I assumed wrong, but is the first dead body he will collect come from his own home? That’s the impression I got.
    Great story! I also never saw it coming.

Constructive criticism appreciated

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