Friday Fictioneers – Set in stone



‘It was never set in stone,’ Mr Clark sneered.
‘Bbbut you implied…..’.
‘I never actually promised you an equal partnership Simms, nor a payrise’.

His words churned inside my stomach like a greasy bacon sandwich at the thought of all the extra hours I had spent on the company accounts. I had missed my daughter’s birthday party, my son’s sports day and countless weekends with my family, and for what?

Several days later Mr Clark was arrested for fraud. ‘You,’ he hissed as he was marched past my desk, ‘you promised’.

‘I may have implied I would keep your dirty secret Mr Clark, but it was never set in stone’.


Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by a prompt.


47 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Set in stone

  1. A good take on the picture. I think there might be an awful lot of kings called Edron or something this week, so it’s nice to read something a bit different.

  2. Now that was a very satisfying ending. Maybe it’s just as well Simms didn’t get the partnership; he might have been arrested too. Love it when a crook’s sins find them out 🙂

  3. I really liked the story. I love it when someone gets his/her comeuppance. His boss was a slime. I could see him in my mind’s eye. Very well told. Lucy

Constructive criticism appreciated

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