Soooo, writing a novel?



I have only been writing a few weeks, and flash fiction at that, but after gaining a place on the WoMentoring Project I thought why not throw myself in at the deep end and really challenge myself.

So, I want to write a novel. (It’s only been the last few days I can say that out loud without either a) laughing somewhat hysterically, b) breaking into a sweat or, c) pouring a large glass of wine. Often all three).

I am completely ignoring all the negative chatter in my head telling me I can’t because, I haven’t done any writing courses; My technical knowledge is zilch (I have had to google what exposition, protagonist and adverbs mean after receiving feedback); I am unclear on grammar (I am inserting semicolons with my fingers crossed) and I have never written anything more than 200 words before.

But (yes you probably shouldn’t start a sentence with that either), I have an idea, passion and after tentatively starting, fully intend on giving it my best shot.

So wish me luck, offer advice if you can and accompany me on my journey, I will appreciate the support.

16 thoughts on “Soooo, writing a novel?

  1. Writing a novel is like eating an elephant: one bite/word at a time. Though you usually don’t have to eat the same elephant twice, or three times, or five…

    Enjoy it. It’s absolutely horrible. You’ll love it 😉

  2. You go for it girl! You can do it!
    I’ve been writing for years mostly short story stuff. Some of it has been published, some not. I’ve just finished writing my first novel – YA (young adult) mystery/crime/semi-SF genre. I have two others partly written. In the meanwhile, if I can be of any help, just ask.

  3. When I started writing, I was sailing a ship just like yours–she was called “No Formal Education Whatsoever On Writing”. After writing a few years and getting positive feedback from literary agents who said I was a great storyteller, but needed help with the nuts and bolts of the craft, I took a couple of online courses from Long Ridge Writers Group. It was money well spent, and I’m happy to say I’ve had quite a few short stories published since then.
    Keep on writing, practice, practice, practice. That’s the # 1 advice I’d give to anyone who is serious about their writing. Much luck to you!

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