Sunday Photo Fiction – Serene Sunday



The waves soothe my aching body as I float in the cool water, the crisp salty air revitalising me. Seaweed curls itself around my long hair, gently caressing my bare shoulders. I tilt my face up towards the sun allowing its warmth to release the knots from my muscles. Tranquility floods through me, this feeling is almost worth the bitch of a day I had at work yesterday. Almost.

Deftly I flip over onto my stomach and begin to swim, determined not to let the past seep into the present. The sea, aquamarine from a distance, is translucent and I dive down towards the sand. The colourful shoal of fish beneath me, rush past like an aquatic carnival.

Surfacing I groan as I see Jenny, my boss, heading towards me. ‘Tamsin, a boat’s heading this way, we need you.’
‘Uh uh,’ I protest. ‘It’s my one day off, do you know how hard I worked yesterday?’
‘I appreciate that but,’
‘I don’t think you do,’ I interrupt. ‘There were 15 sailors on board that trawler yesterday. 15 and I drowned 6 of them alone. Have you any idea how exhausted I am?’

Without waiting for an answer I swish my tail and swim away from the chief mermaid. Nothing is going to spoil my serene Sunday.

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction, inspired by the photo prompt.


18 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Serene Sunday

  1. No sardines for her.
    A criticism if I may. You tell us in the last line you are mermaids. The rule is “show, don’t tell”. Your reader can deduce from the first two paras that you are mermaids. If they don’t, let them puzzle.
    Hope this doesn’t spoil your “serene Sunday”.

  2. I see where Patrick is coming from, though I didn’t until he pointed it out. You could have omitted “from the chief mermaid” and the reader would still have known your character was a mermaid. But unlike him, I didn’t know until the end that she was anything other than an ordinary woman.
    Great story! 🙂

Constructive criticism appreciated

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