SoCS – Objects



I was a teensy bit excited during a family day out at a museum yesterday, to discover there was an old toy room.

‘Ha.’ I cunningly thought, ‘I will take my children to see how the kids of yesteryear used to amuse themselves. They will be in awe that such pleasure could be found in a mere stick and ball and will come away grateful for their overflowing toy boxes’.

I envisaged hoops, a rocking horse and possibly a creepy faced china doll (the type my mum keeps in her wardrobe, too scared to look at it and yet reluctant to part with her childhood toy).

Umm no. Upon entering the room and briefly scanning the objects in their cases it became apparent that I was a child of yesteryear.

I had no idea I was old enough to have my childhood encased behind glass display cabinets but seeing these well loved toys instantly transported me back to endless summer days and Quality Street Christmases. A space-hopper, Sooty and Sweep glove puppets – I had Sweep, my sister (forever in charge) had Sooty, and a Girls World doll, were amongst my favourite things growing up.



There was, admittedly, a little bit of sniggering and ‘what’s the point of that?’ but the point of old school, non singing, non dancing toys was to encourage imaginative play in a way that all the technology in today’s world can’t. I wonder what impact this may have on the potential writers of tomorrow when fabricating their fiction?



Written for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Write the first things that comes into your head following the prompt and post without editing. This weeks prompt was ‘objects’.


3 thoughts on “SoCS – Objects

  1. Brilliant! I went to a museum once and found things I played with as a child in glass cases. It made me feel so old! 😛
    Thanks for participating in SoCS! 🙂

  2. Oh I used to love Sooty and Sweep. Now that brings back some memories 🙂
    I remember going to the Saturday afternoon movies – all us kids went, then on Monday we would act out the serial we saw during our lunch break in the playground. Now it seems all kids know about is beep-beep-beeps ~sigh~ they don’t know what they’re missing.

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