Sunday Photo Fiction – Trapped



I stare out of the window into the bright blue sky wishing I was a bird who could soar far away. Instead I am stuck here until 3.30.

I have come to really hate school. My mum sends me off in the morning with a smile and a sandwich full of cheese and her love. She has no idea how my stomach churns like crashing waves at the thought of seeing Adam Bennett.

Adam has picked on me since I joined this school even though I have tried to make friends. I have no idea why. Everything about me is funny to him. My clothes, my glasses, even the way I speak. His taunts ring in my ears as I cross the playground, and my cheeks flame as I try to ignore the sniggers of the meaner children.

I tell my mum in a jumbled outpouring of shame how I am being bullied, how unhappy I am. “Try a different approach,” she urges.

I am in the staff room when the cocky sports teacher enters. “coffee Adam”? I ask. “I have made it especially for you”. I keep slowly stirring the liquid until the white powder has completely disappeared. I’ll teach him to mess with a chemistry teacher.


Written for Sunday Photo Fiction. A 200 word story inspired by a photo prompt.

23 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Trapped

  1. I love a good twist at the end and you certainly provided that! Love how you led us down the path of a child being bullied. Some things, unfortunately, are timeless.

  2. Oh please tell me it was Epson salts she put in his coffee. Lots and lots of a new tasteless version of Epson salts πŸ™‚ (wish we had an evil grin emoticon)

  3. Ah, I didn’t see that coming; I thought you were writing about a kid. A lovely twist there. I really enjoyed your story. 😊

  4. I should have guessed – teacher bullying (and killing) has been in the news here – but didn’t. An excellent story!

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