SoCS – Are you eating mindfully?



I must confess when I saw this week’s prompt I was tempted to ignore my initial thoughts as I felt like writing a story today, but then figured there was no point taking part if I wasn’t going to do it properly.

The ‘senses’ prompt is quite timely as I have been teaching mindful eating to a group on my current Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course this week. We carried out an exercise with a piece of food and really engaged all our senses, noticing, as if for the first time, how the food looked, the smell, the texture, the taste, the feel of food in our mouth, how it felt between our teeth, the sound of chewing, swallowing.

A simple exercise but a great demonstration of how intentionally bringing our awareness to something in a different way than usual can transform the nature of the experience.

Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment. It’s not about sitting in meditation for hours on end, but rather developing a mindful awareness in each moment.

Through carrying out routine tasks such as eating mindfully we can learn to tune back in to the present moment experience. Being present helps to eradicate low mood resulting from thinking about the past too much and anxiety stemming from worrying about the future.

Make a few moments today to totally engage with your senses, you may be surprised.


Written for SoCS. Writing the first thing that comes to mind following a prompt (this week the 5 senses). 


One thought on “SoCS – Are you eating mindfully?

  1. Great post! I do try to do things mindfully, but I have to admit, I usually only remember to do so when I’m already stressed over something. Not good practice!
    Thanks so much for this, and for joining in SoCS this week! 🙂

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