Dear Mum- Sunday Photo Fiction





Dear Mum,

I am having a brilliant time sunbathing and swimming. It’s really hot here. My tan looks amazing! This is the best experience of my life.

Miss you.

Rachel xxx


Dear Mum,

I have met someone! His name is Pierre and he is absolutely gorgeous. He is taking me to dinner tonight. Going to wear my black dress.

Love you.

Rachel xxx


Dear Mum,

Guess what – Pierre has proposed!!! I know it’s only been a week but he says he can’t imagine life without me. I can’t wait for you to meet him. I love him 🙂

Love Rachel xxx


Dear Mum

I can’t believe the way you spoke to me on the phone. I am not naive, I am a grown woman soon to have a husband and guess what – I don’t need you. You’re not always right. Don’t bother picking me up at the airport. If you can’t be happy for me I never want to see you again.




I was so frightened when the officers smashed the figurine Pierre had bought me for our engagement and the cocaine fell out. I swear I didn’t know. Mum, you were right about him. Please come. I need you.




Written for

200 words inspired by photo prompt.




5 thoughts on “Dear Mum- Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. WOW! That’s pretty hard hitting and very much how some people can use women. The one sided conversation is excellent.

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