SoCS – Enter



I had been hanging around the periphery of the creative writing world for as long as I could remember. Unwilling to step over the threshold but unable to tear myself away from vicariously living through fictional worlds created by others.

The invisible door constructed entirely through my own imagination kept me out. How could I, the reader, feasibly become the writer? It would be like entering a foreign country to which I had no passport, no visa, no right to be there.

The more I denied the creative part of me, the hungrier it grew, feeding off my fears, consuming my excuses until it grew larger and larger, propelling me forward. I was launched through the entrance to this new world and found myself in the Land of WordPress.

The natives called themselves bloggers and couldn’t have been more welcoming. I am happy to finally be here.


Written for Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness writing challenge – Entrance. 


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