Friday Fictioneers – Abandoned



I distractedly ripped the wrapping paper from my 16th birthday present into minuscule shreds, while I tried to process your words.

I stared into the eyes I had trusted my whole life and saw my own pain mirrored back at me.

“You will always be my baby”, whispered the woman I had forever thought of as my real mum.

Clutching the bundle of letters from a biological mother I never knew existed until today against my aching heart I asked “I was abandoned”?

“You were a gift. Very wanted and always loved”.

You hugged me. You still felt like home.


Written for Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word story inspired by the photo prompt.


33 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Abandoned

  1. I can’t even imagine the heartache and endless questions that could arise from such circumstances. But imagine, that child is so fortunate to have a mother with sincere love and devotion. This story touched me to my core. Very well done!

  2. Beautiful and touching story, packing a lot of emotion in a few words. One thought: the phrase “whispered the woman I had forever thought of as my real mum,” though powerful,to me seems to conflict with your referring to the mother as “you” otherwise throughout. Maybe it could be something like “you- the woman I had forever thought of as my real mum – whispered.” I could be wrong. Just take another look. Thanks!

  3. This is really beautiful… Thank you.

    Each and every story are so very different from each other. I’m having a good time reading through them.

    You wrote that really well. It is very touching 🙂

  4. FF, Lovely story of beautiful family love. The adoptive mother was perhaps wise to wait until the child was old enough to understand to present her with the letters. I think though that the younger a child is told they are adopted the better. I know of one case where it disturbed the boy a great deal because the parents waited too long. Well written. 🙂

Constructive criticism appreciated

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