Sunday photo fiction challenge – Discarded



With trembling hands I reach for the phone to call Adam. I can scarcely believe what I am about to say. Hesitating, I waver. Can I wait until he gets home? He is such a hard working boyfriend, putting in extra hours everyday, sometimes until long after the sun has set.

I shall buy a nice steak and tell him over dinner I decide. I am on my way to the butchers when I see Adam kissing Lucy Granger outside her flat. He cups her face so tenderly my palm inadvertently touches my own cheek now wet with tears. When had we last shown each other affection like that?

Driving through Saturday traffic and a heartache so thick I can barely breathe, I make the decision never to return home again. He may have discarded our love like a piece of old junk and broken my heart but I will leave with my pride intact.

I have shared the last 5 years of my life with Adam but I won’t be sharing the news of my lottery win. I don’t know what Lucy Granger has that I haven’t, but I know what I have that she hasn’t got, 6.2 million.



Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge – a 200 word story inspired by a picture. 

10 thoughts on “Sunday photo fiction challenge – Discarded

  1. I loved it. I thought the narrator was trying to find a way to gently break up with the man when it was a joyous event that she wanted to share in person. His loss in so many ways.

  2. aloha FF. fun set up altho heart rending. and an interesting choice question. an unbroken heart? or 6.2 million? i’m now curious to know how she will set up that new life. aloha.

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