Friday Fictioneers – There’s no place like home (100 words)



I hold my breath as footsteps approach. My eyes screw up tight in a bid not to be seen. I am wearing my stripy tights today to channel my inner witch. I couldn’t find my glittery Dorothy shoes anywhere.

I peek out. Daddy is wearing his scuba mask in an effort to make me laugh. We all feel like fish out of water.

“I know moving day is hard honey but we will make new friends here”, he says.

I like my old friends. I need my shoes. I mentally click my heels 3 times. “There’s no place like home”.



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15 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – There’s no place like home (100 words)

  1. Oh, this is a lovely way to address moving day. (Watch tense changes though. You seem to switch from past to present i.e. approach should be approached? and he says should me he said? Also I had worn, not wore.) Picky, I know.

  2. That’s a great way for Dad to make the moving easier. Enjoyable story. I think you got the tenses except for here: ” I had wore my stripy tights” should be either “I wear” or “I’m wearing” to stay in the present.


Constructive criticism appreciated

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