Friday Fictioneers – Dance with me mister – 102 words



The elderly gentleman looked down at the adorable little girl in the dirty white dress tugging on his shirt. “Dance with me mister” she implored. The man laughed as he began to spin her round. The girl’s eyes shone with excitement as her long, dark hair fanned out. The song drew to a close and she ran, barefoot into the night. ‘Sweet young thing’ thought the man.

Hiding in the shadows the young girl stuffed the notes into her knickers before tossing the wallet aside. She skipped out of the alley and tugged the shirt of the nearest man. “Dance with me mister?”



This is my submission to this weeks Friday Fictioneers, a 100 word story inspired by a photo prompt. 

You can view all the stories here



30 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Dance with me mister – 102 words

  1. You sucked me in. Your prose is delightful to read — the scene came immediately alive — I could almost hear music. You might change the word ‘male’ to ‘man’ — seems more natural.
    I’m glad you took a unique approach to the story. I’ll be looking forward to your other stories.

  2. Good story and realistic descriptions to bring it alive.Where there’s a lot of poverty, and that can be anywhere these days, you have to be careful. Here there’s usually an adult in the background. The children see very little of the spoils. One of my uncles used to have a zipper sewn on one of his pants pockets. Here, the buses and trains are the hunting grounds of pickpockets.They sometimes work in pairs.

Constructive criticism appreciated

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