Friday Fictioneers – Love Me (102 words)


She swayed slightly as she tottered to the centre of the stage, sucking a mint to combat the smell of gin.

This was her big comeback. Her chance to be universally adored again.

She could barely breathe in her spanx. She tried to smile with painted red lips so cosmetically enhanced they permanently pouted. She peered out of the semi-darkness at the audience awaiting her return with baited breath. Love me, she silently implored.

The spotlight swung across the stage Illuminating every flaw in her once beautiful, alcohol ravaged face.

The critics in the front row rubbed their hands in glee.


I decided a good starting point for me would be the Friday Fictioneers, a weekly photo prompt where you create a story of around 100 words.ย 






26 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Love Me (102 words)

  1. Dear Fabricating,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers with your highly descriptive piece. Something tells me her comeback will be short-lived. I look forward to reading more from you.



  2. Reminds me of a performance I saw on British TV by Whitney Houston a short while before she died. Very poignant. ‘Love me, she silently implored.’ – is a fabulous line.

  3. Your writing is lovely, darling. You paint a portrait of a desperately insecure woman — that tiny bit of insight you give us: LOVE ME was wonderful. Just two words, but enough for us to sympathize with her.
    You must have felt a good deal of anxiety putting yourself back out here with your first fiction. I hope the critics are kind.

Constructive criticism appreciated

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